Failure Analysis With State-of-the-Art High-Resolution Tools and Techniques

  • Non-Destructive, Non-intrusive 2D and 3D Xray Analysis
  • Thermal Cycling and Imaging
  • Vibration Stress Testing

Stress Testing – Thermal and Vibration

Vibration and thermal environmental testing per our customer requirements. Our vibration and thermal (-80°C to +225°C) testing equipment is compliant with all DO-160G requirements.

2D/3D X-Ray & CT Scan Imaging

Advanced 2D & 3D Xray inspections detect defects in a non-destructive, non-intrusive way such as open or shorted solder joints, lifted leads, voids, and unacceptable size variations in solder bumps (as in BGA components). Xray analysis is valuable throughout product development: prototyping, manufacturing QA, and troubleshooting failed units.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Utilizing real-time infrared thermal imaging, we can identify heat signatures associated with high electrical power consumption or resistance. These “hot spots” may cause electrical failure and malfunction that would otherwise be difficult to troubleshoot.