NSS is an engineering company

specializing in the development, modeling, verification, certification, and production testing, of safety critical Avionics Systems. We offer strong end-to- end expertise in Avionics systems development.  OUR SOLE FOCUS IS  ON SAFETY, INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING, and PERFORMANCE  EFFICIENCY. Our productivity enhancing services and tools are optimized for every aspect of Avionics development from concept definition to flight and aircraft production.


Productivity is our mantra!   Experience is the key discriminator in achieving your safety of design, cost and schedule objectives and NSSI has this competitive edge.  Our teams of highly experienced engineers specialize in providing solutions for control systems, aerodynamics and certification of aircraft.   We have experience in utility rotorcraft, and fixed wing Transports, Fighters, Business Jets, and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV). NSS provides innovative solutions by unlocking the intrinsic value within the engineering process…… we bring VALUE to the entire engineering process. Utilization of virtual tools throughout the design process increases safety, decreases time-to-market, and reduces cost. Our specialty is the application of real-time modeling to the entire “value creation cycle” from concept definition to design validation and production. Not only does it allow for faster integration but also unlocks downstream efficiency opportunities such as reductions in build and testing times. NSS is owned and staffed by highly experienced avionics systems engineers, control system engineers, aerodynamicists, and software engineers.